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Why us?
Our intention is to bring the forefront and back-end of the culinary world at your disposal, providing you with an abundance of tastes, also an enjoyable milieu. Dates of importance, such as birthdays and get-togethers are the moments to nourish the collective spirit of our era. To make this experience more memorable, we are more than delighted to save you the worries, the mishmash that goes along with the whole procedure. Be it people not being fully satiated(imagine that!), the oven getting overheated together with the conversations that are meant to be focused on because human connection needs to be observed with a keen eye. We are here to help you take over the whole errand, so you wouldn’t have to cut time from where time needs to go the most, the guests, and connection.

By making a simple comparison, would one spend time dealing with the hassles of getting things done in mint order at the kitchen or enjoy, and savor, the company of friends, relatives? Indeed, let us help you with these tasks.

Our services have been on offer for three years, and counting! We, as a collective of professional chefs and licensed happiness officers, manage to keep the spirits high for a variety of circles, ranging from restaurants, party venues, and of course, homes, serving thousands of people.

Having our emphasis on homes, your home is the most wonderful place for these experiences. As we humans tend to be creatures of habit, experiences keep us alive and it’s not what the action gives you, but the experience you receive from it. The experience we provide is that of a connoisseur of tastes, who brings the tastes of the world.

In regards to dietary preferences, we are fully adaptable to any needs and peculiarities. Whether dealing with an omnivore, pescatarian, vegan or lactose-intolerance, our menu has no boundaries. Your favorite dish would be our delight to follow to detail, or experiment.

Your pick of succulent food is presented by plates that ought not to be in the cupboard for too long! We have the capacity to bring all the dishes beforehand, whichever would fit your timeframe.

Our chef de résistance, with all the raw materials and preferred gear, would come to the requested location and would be wholeheartedly responsible for a fresh, and delicious dining experience; without you having to leave the house, or worry about cleaning! Alongside the food, a lot of stories about what happens in the kitchen more precisely? Insights, tips and food-related pointers and tricks would be shared. For genuine interest, we have made courses for people who are truly interested in the culinary process, which is done together with you, to get an in-depth understanding of the wonderful world of tastes, food, and experimentation.

Hire Chef At Your Home,
or where you feel most convenient:
– On a yacht, whilst sailing(seasonal)

– Children’s playground(s)

– For a venue with friends/relatives

– For a rented apartment/house

– For a training at Foodland Academy(ask for details)

– Or, where one desires.

If you feel that a chef would not be enough, we also have a repertoire of other people, who make the venue more enjoyable and interesting. For more info, ask us about magicians, musicians, artists and various types of entertainers. Let’s us know how to enrich your experience!
Karl Krupp  Private chef


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Our customer’s main pick
First course
Bruschettas, with various condiments, together with olive pesto and mozzarella. Roasted beetroot with hummus, coat cheese and honey. Mushrooms with greens, tomato salsa.
Second course
Roasted beef carpaccio, served with rucola-radish salad in a forte cheese basket, with cherry tomatoes and worchester remoulade.
Third course
Slow-cooked duck breast fillet in Mojito marinade, apple-sweet potato cream, burnt vegetables with golden apple wine sauce.
Fourth course
Silky vegan chocolate ice cream, with an ice cream ball and cherry sauce


Chef At Your Home

Molecular Gastronomy

Most of the people, nowadays, have heard the word molecular gastronomy. A fair amount has even enquired into the procedure and how these fine technologies are being used. For the most part, it’s still an unknown niche for the regular food enthusiast. Let’s delve deeper into what exactly is molecular gastronomy.

Kids birthday

If your children are keenly interested in the culinary arts, then let us accommodate the special occasion. Chefs are known friends for children, with whom delicious pizzas, meatballs and everything else that fits their youthful spirit may be served. If they are beyond the casual and a bit older, definitely take up the notion of checking our training ‘’molecular gastronomy’’, which would spark any foodies’ taste buds and senses!

Blind Dinner ‘’Sounds, Smells, Tastes and Feelings of the world’’

Combines all the aforementioned into an interesting symphony of tastes, sounds, smells and feelings. To have extra sensitive awareness of tastes, feelings, smells and sounds, we would eliminate the sense door that takes 1/3 of our eating experience: the eyes. That’s right, as we explore the world, we cover your eyes, so that none of the participants knows what would they be eating, where would you be travelling, or in general, what happens next! All the participants have the possibility to explore. To unravel, through their own imagination, the place where every type of food, aroma and music is more traditional. Spanning to Asia, Africa, Southern and Northern parts of Europe. As we’ll be using our four sense faculties, we have four servings of food with accompanied beverages(If desired, with alcohol). Karl has been to these exotic, as well as local places in the world, being clearly aware of how to deliver the experience as you were there yourself.

Abundantly Tasty Dinner

Thus, our most popular package, which includes the services of a head chef, where your desires are met by having a tailored menu. This menu is in accordance with your budget. The chef is responsible for the best raw materials, doing all the calculation. Time, quality and effort matter. Our chef would attend the location, way before the date(if asked prior), preparing and serving all the dishes, also the drinks. Our intention is on tranquility, hence all rests upon us that you have a pleasant experience and can wake up in a clean home the following day.

Molecular Gastronomy Cocktali training

We’ll learn how to prepare various cocktails that over time have dominated the hearts of people. With a modern twist! The twist being collectively experimenting with the art, and science, of molecular gastronomy. This approach would be diverse and an experience to savour for years to come.

Renting a chef

Is more specifically for enterprises seeking culinary services or products. If, for instance, there’s ever a moment a chef might get sick, or getting a new one is a troublesome and urgent endeavour, then look no further. For renting a chef, the calculations, raw materials, making menus etc would rest in your hands. The chef would be where needed, on the clock, as agreed, with the pay being on an hourly basis, as discussed prior.
If you did not manage to find a service that didn’t resonate with your interests, please do let us know.
Chef At Your Home

Jasper Jürisson

Private Chef

Karl Krupp

Private Chef

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Private Chef

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Bar services

Richard Samarüütel

Arrival within Tallinn without charges!
In other cases, the cost of transport would not be included.
Chef At Your Home
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